The disapearence of Kristi Lynn Booth (1980)

February 2, 1980. Disco is on its last leg, but that didn’t matter to the small west Texas town of Midland. It was another Saturday night, time for beer, friends, loud music, and good times.  For Kristy Lynn Booth however, it would be the last time she would ever be seen. The night was cold and icy stated by the Midland Police departments police statements about the night in question, two young adults one Kristy Lynn Booth, and one Ron Ferrengberg were on their way to “The Dimensions Nightclub”, a popular disco club at the time.

According to Ron Ferrengberg (Now deceased)’s story, Ron was given permission to drop Kristy Lynn off at the nightclub and borrow her 1977 white, and maroon AMC Pacer providing that he returned at 11pm to pick Kristy up. From there she would meet up with some friends for drinks and dancing. She would be last be seen wearing a white button-down blouse with a pink dress, blue Levi’s jeans a coat and shoes. As the night progressed Ferrengberg supposably returned to the Night club like he had agreed to do at the beginning of the night, however it would be discovered that Kristy Lynn Booth would not be there, the only trace of her attending the nightclub would be her shoes, and coat both of which suggested that she had an intention to return to the nightclub, or that she was unwillingly taken from the (now defunct)club at 411 airpark road.

 According to a news clipping from around the time, Ferrengberg would later say after he couldn’t find her at the nightclub, he drove around looking for her until the vehicle ran out of gas, then he simply left the vehicle abandoned where it would later be found 1.6 miles south on highway 349 on February 4, 1980. When an investigation was done on the vehicle police discovered that the vehicle was driven 268 unaccounted miles after being repaired the day of Booth’s disappearance. Ferrengberg would become a main suspect in Booth’s disappearance however after receiving a polygraph test it was determined that he did not have knowledge of Kristy Lynn Booth’s whereabouts and was no longer considered a suspect in the case.

At the time of Kristy Lynn Booth’s disappearance, she was known to have lived with her parents on Monty avenue in Midland, Texas while working as a waitress at The Great Gatsby, a now defunct restaurant on Cuthbert avenue. She was not reported as having any sort of problems at home which lead authorities to suspect foul play had been involved. The Dimensions Nightclub where she was last seen closed in the early 1980’s and was demolished to make room for the Claydesta complex, Ron Ferrengberg would move on from this world October 1981. This case has remained one of the City of Midland’s oldest cold cases, however Midland county police department of investigations has continued to leave this case open in the hopes that one day it may be solved.

If you have any news of her whereabouts, or information regarding her disappearance I urge you to please submit a tip at



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