Charles Fredrick Albright, The Eyeball killer of Dallas,TX.

Charles Fredrick Albright, 87 is a serial killer known for haveing a strange fixation for eye’s, as well as prostitutes. Albrights killings would would earn him the name “The Eyeball Killer” for the way he would surgically remove his victims eyes, with out so much as leaving a mark on the eye lids. He would start his murdering spree in the early nineties, commiting his first murder on the date of December 13, 1990.

Charles was born an orphan, and adopted by Delle and Fred Albright. His Adopted Mother worked as a school teacher accelerating Charles’s education , helping him advance advance ahead two grades Mrs. Albright would be known as a strick and overprotecting mother.

Charles Fredrick Albright, Dallas, TX mugshot

Charles Albright’s criminal carreer would would start young, building a reputation as a petty theif at the age of 13. He would Graduate highschool at the age of 15, forging documents and signatures he would get accepted into North Texas University. He would soon get expelled from North Texas, after police caught a then 16-year-old Albright with petty cash, two handgun’s, and a rifle. After his release, Albright would go on to enroll in classes at Arkansas State Teachers college, however before graduation Albright would be expelled after being arrested again, this time for being in possesion of stolen items despite arrest Charles Albright would not be prossecuted. After expulsion, Charles would once again forge documents falsifying his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Charles Albright would go on to marry his college girlfriend, together they would have a daughter. Charles’s wife would work as a school teacher, however Charles would fail to maintain steady employment. instead he would continue to “cheat” his way in life by continueing to forge checks and falsify credentials. Inevitably, charles would be caught and arrested while working as a highschool teacher, he would only end up serving probation. He and his wife would end up divorcing in 1974, soon after he would serve his first prolonged prison sentence of what was supposed to be two- years instead he would be releases after only serving six month’s.

sometime in 1981, while Charles was visiting some friend’s he would be found guilty of sexually molesting their nine-year-old daughter, he would pled guilty however would only recieve probation, later claiming his inocence stateing that he just pled guilty to “Avoid a hastle”. Soon after Charles would become involed with a woman named Dixie, it wouldnt be long before she would move in with Charles and start to finacially support him. Albright would take a job working an early morning paper route, his paper route would be used as the perfect excuse by Charles to go and meet with prostitutes.

On the date of December 13, 1990 the body of a well known prostitue in the Oak cliff neighborhood of Dallas, TX would be found laying face up, her eye’s surgically removed, she would be wearing a t-shirt that had been pulled up to display her breast. The victim’s name would be Mary Lou Pratt age 35, medical examiners would determine the eyes were removed with precision, and she had been shot in the head with a .44 caliber bullet.

Febuary 10, 1991 the body of another known prostitue named Susan Petterson would be found in similar state as the body of Mary Lou Pratt. like Pratt, Petterson’s shirt would be pulled up to display her breast, she would also be missing her eyes, which were also surgically removed. Pratt would suffer multiple gundshot wounds, one the top of the head, one in her left breast, and one in the back of the head. Her body would be dumped in south Dallas, just outside city limits.

On the date of March 18, 1991 the body of Shirley Williams would be discovered naked, lying oh her side with her eye’s removed. According to police reports, Shirley Williams would have numerous facial bruises, as well as a broken nose. like the previous victims, she would also be found with a gunshot to her head.

Courtesy of Texas Monthly (See No Evil)

Witnesses would come foward with information reguarding a connection to Albright and Williams murder. At Albright’s trial the only solid piece of evidence that would be hair samples found at the scene of Shirley Williams murder matching Albright’s DNA. He would be tried and found guilty for the murder of Shirley Williams, because of lack of evidence Charles Albright would not be charged for the murders of the other two victims. Instead the murders would be used as evidence against Albright in his murder trial of Shirley Williams.


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