Adult Film Star Ron Jeremy, possibly faces a 330 year prison sentence.

Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, age 67 better known by his stage name Ron Jeremy, is an American adult film actor who got his start in the industry after an old girl friend had sent in nude photos of Jeremy to Playgirl magazine, from there he would go on to star in numerous adult films over the years.

Photo of Ronald Jeremy Hyatt, better know as Ron Jeremy.

Ron Jeremy was originally arrested Monday June 22, 2020 on three separate incidents of rape and one incident of sexual assault. However, recently on October 28, 2020 seven new charges were brought against the adult film star. Stuart Goldfarb, Ron Jeremy’s attorney stated in a article as being surprised by the new charges that were filed by prosecutors.

Hyatt appearing in a Los Angeles court room.

Currently Jeremy faces charges for more than 30 counts of sexual misconduct. The new charges recently filed against Jeremy are as followed, three counts of forcible rape, two counts of forcible oral copulation, and two counts of sexual battery by restraint and assault with intent to commit forcible digital penetration.

According to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, if Hyatt is convicted on all 30 counts he faces a total of 330 years in prison. Total there are 23 alleged victims involved in crimes from 1996 to 2020. Currently Ronald Jeremy Hyatt sit’s in a Los Angeles county jail on a $6.6 million dollar bail.

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