Former Oklahoma senator, faces possible manslaughter charges

Former Democratic senator, Alison Ikley-Freeman,29 currently faces possible charges of first degree manslaughter. On Friday May, 22 2020 Ikley-Freeman was involved in a fatal car crash, leaving her injured and another dead.

file photo of Alison Ikley-Freeman.

The crash Occurred on the Turner Turnpike near mile marker 183, East of Stroud, Oklahoma while the former senator was heading to the state capitol the the legislative session. At the time of the accident investigators initially believed that both Ikley-Freeman, and the other victim who was identified as 44-year-old, Enrique Lopez were both traveling on the turnpike when all of a sudden they hydroplaned crashing into each other.

Former Senator Ikley-Freeman was taken to the OU medical center hospital in serious but stable condition. Unfortunately Lopez was pronounced dead at the scene. Since then Oklahoma state troopers launched an investigation into the accident, according to one state trooper who investigated the crash Ikley-Freeman was traveling at a speed of 91 MPH in a 75 MPH zone.

Her speed combined with the rainy conditions, caused her to hydroplane crashing into Lopez’s vehicle which authorities believe had skidded off the road, getting stuck in a ditch moment earlier. Ikley-Freeman’s attorney, John Hunsucker, while still reviewing the allegations against his client gave this statement in a article “We believe that when the facts are completely vetted, it will show that this was a tragic unavoidable accident. Our sympathies for the family of Mr.Lopez.”

If convicted of first degree manslaughter, Alison Ikley-Freeman faces between four years to life in prison.

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