Known Boston bank robber charged again for bank robbery.

On November 13, 2020 Boston native Stephen D. Williams, 56 was caught robbing a branch of of the Stander bank in Boston, Massachusetts.

mugshot photo of Stephan D. Williams taken in 2016

According to an article published by the United States Attorney’s office on November 23, 2020, Williams entered the bank wearing a grey knit cap, and blue jacket. He approached the bank teller handing them a note that read, this was a robbery, and that he had a gun.

The bank teller would then hand Williams around $7,000 in cash, after stuffing his jacket pockets with the stolen money, and making his get away. Williams was allegedly seen in an area close by the bank he just robbed, counting his cash, then stuffing his money filled jacket, and grey cap in a black trash bag.

He didn’t get far, as police noticed Williams walking with the black trash bag. When police stopped him for questioning Williams dropped the trash bag running away, after a quick chase he was caught, and arrested. Authorities would take a look inside the trash bag Williams had dropped, finding the grey nit cap, and blue jacket with the stolen cash stuffed inside the jackets pockets.

According to prosecutor’s in a recent hearing Williams had on November 23, 2020 he allegedly removed his GPS ankle monitor, prior to committing the robbery. It seems that Williams has a history of bank robbing, in 2016 he plead guilty to robbing two bank’s. He was originally sentenced to 60 months in prison, however in July of 2020 his sentenced was modified for compassionate release, he was put on house arrest, and given an ankle monitor.

On November 22, 2016 Williams entered a Mansfield bank branch pointing, and threatening the bank teller with what was believed to be a black semi-automatic handgun. Although the gun was never shown, or seen during the robbery, the bank teller didn’t take any chances. Williams would take off with a reported $1,760 in cash.

One week earlier he had also robbed the FTN federal credit union located in Brookline, Massachusetts taking off with the sum of $547. After interviewing the bank staff, and watching surveillance footage investigators learned that Williams got away in a in a dark colored Volkswagen Sedan. After running the license plate number on the Sedan, authorities became aware that Williams was in a stolen vehicle.

The following day on November 23, 2016 Police would get a tip about a sedan with matching plates from the surveillance footage was seen outside an apartment building in Brockton, Massachusetts police followed up on the tip immediately arresting Williams.

A BostonGlobe article published in 2018, quoted prosecutors involved in Williams 2016 trial as saying, “Williams is a life-long violent criminal with an extensive history of convictions”, “Williams’ record of convictions commenced in 1982 and has continued until 2016 when he was arrested on these instant charges.”.

If convicted on his current charge of bank robbery, Stephen D. Williams faces a possible sentence of up to 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release and a fine of up to $250,000.

Additional Source: State trooper affidavit of 2016 bank robberies

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