Corruption in Los Angeles City Hall

Photo of Los Angeles city hall

Raymond Chan, A former Los Angeles deputy mayor who oversaw economic development for Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2016 and 2017, is currently accused of being involved in a wide-ranging corruption case that is centered around former city councilman Jose Huizar.

City of Los Angeles Mayor logo.

In a news article United States Attorney, Nick Hanna was reported as saying, Huizar, Chan and their network of associates “repeatedly violated the public trust by soliciting and accepting numerous cash bribes and other financial benefits, turning Huizar’s city council seat into a money making criminal enterprise.”. Charges were also brought to a chairman of a real estate company, named Wei Huang, and a well-known developer in the Bel-Air area. Both companies that these men operated were named as defendants.

It was also reported that Chan allegedly plead guilty, admitting to participating in a scheme where he was bribed by a real estate company in exchange for a hand in the redevelopment of the Luxe Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Ever sense the Los Angeles city hall corruption case has come to light, prosecutors have obtain guilty pleas from former city councilman Mitchell Engalander, And former aid to Huizar, George Esparza, as well as several others.

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