Former Hawaiian Prosecutor & retired police chief husband Imprisoned for corruption.

Photo of former prosecutor Katherine Kealoha, 49
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On Monday November 30, 2020 Former High-ranking Honolulu Prosecutor Katherine Kealoha, 49 organized a reverse mortgage plan that forced her grandmother to sell her home, also framed her uncle for stealing her, and her husbands mailbox, and cheated her uncle out of his life savings, she also used her position to turn away a drug investigation away from her doctor brother.

Power couple photo of Katherine, and Louis Kealoha.

Katherine’s Husband, Louis Kealoha, 59 was also convicted, U.S District judge J.Micheal Seabright, would tell Louis that while his wife was the master mind, “You did the master frame job that followed,” Katherines plan couldn’t have succeeded without the help of the Honolulu police department.

Louis Kealoha was the then police chief for the department, his role as police chief of one of the largest departments in the United States is what make’s this case so shocking. During the trial that was held for his wife’s uncle Louis had given a false testimony. The trial would end in a mistrial leaving many prosecutors to suspect Kealoha caused on purpose to prevent an investigation.

This was all done in a attempt to maintain a lavish lifestyle the (now estranged)Kealoha’s had built for themselves, a life style judge Seabright said is impossible to have on public servant salaries. Both Katherine and Louis, plead guilty to providing false bank information to obtain loans.

Katherine Kealoha also plead guilty to an Identity theft charge, getting an officer to forge a police report to explain negaitive information on a credit report. As well as pleading guilty to turning away a drug investigation from her doctor brother.

In a letter to the judge, katherine’s lawyer blamed a prescription drug addiction for his clients action’s stating in court, “My client was on drug’s, her mind was not clear and she did a lot of bad things,” Katherine also gave an apology to her family, asking for forgiveness.

During trial Katherine’s aunt read a letter that was written by Kealoha’s 100-year-old grandmother before she past away, “I was 90 years old in 2009 when I agreed to a reverse mortgage on my home, not really understanding what it meant. It seemed complicated, yet i trusted you Katherine,”.

Katherine spoke with her mother and brother about the idea of taking a reverse mortgage on her Grandmother’s home to help buy a condo her uncle wanted. Promising to consolidate her debts, and pay back the loan.

After purchasing her uncle’s condo, instead of paying off the loan she spent the left over money on a series of luxuries including $26,000 on a police banquet when her husband became police chief, and a $10,000 on a Mercedes-Benz, and Maserati car payment.

In an attempt to discredit Katherine’s uncle in a family financial dispute, the Kealoha’s framed him for stealing the couple’s mailbox. To this day no one truly knows who stole the mailbox.

Louis Kealoha filed for divorce after the couple’s conviction, at the sentencing Louis said he felt deeply sorry, and ashamed for his failure to live up to the standards of a police chief. Currently because of the covid-19 pandemic Judge Seabright agreed to allow Louis Kealoha to remain free on bond until he self-surrenders sometime in April 2021. Katherine however, has remained in the Honolulu Federal Detention center since the couple were convicted.

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