Wednesday’s Crime Report: Convicted Killer charged for 1988 kidnapping/murder.

Published: 12-23-2020 By: Robbie Raptor.

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Every Wednesday publishes an article featuring a crime currently being reported in the News. Today’s article focuses on the 32-year-old child abduction case of nine-year-old, Michaela Joy Garecht.

This 1988 poster provided by the FBI shows a wanted poster of photos of kidnapped Michaela Joy Garecht in 1988.

Thirty-two year’s ago on November 19, 1988, two nine-year-old girl’s from Hayward, California decided to ride up to the Rainbow Market, a local grocery store for some snacks and drinks. When the two girls arrived at the store they parked their scooters near the front entrance, and proceeded to go inside.


Upon leaving the store the girls noticed that one of the scooters had been moved farther down the parking lot near an unknown vehicle. When nine-year-old Michaela Garecht when to retrieve the scooter, she was quickly abducted, and forced into the vehicle which then drove off.

All this occurred in front of Michaela’s friend and a few other witnesses, who would describe the kidnapper to the police as 6ft tall, with blue eyes, long dirty blonde hair, slender build, possibly in his early to late 20’s. Michaela’s abduction would go on to be featured in crime shows such as ‘America’s most wanted’, and ‘Unsolved mysteries’.


For more than three decades, Michaela’s abduction perplexed investigators involved in this case, as they worked to discover her whereabouts, or the identification on her kidnapper. Then on Monday December 22, 2020 Hayward police, along with Alameda County District Attorney’s office, and FBI announced that a palm print that had been left on Michaela’s scooter was tied to a man named David Misch.

David Misch, 59, the man already held in connection with the slayings of two women in 1986 has been charged with the murder and kidnapping of 9-year-old Michaela Garecht in 1988

Misch has been in prison since 1989, serving a sentence for an unrelated murder. Allegedly eye witness accounts at the time of Michaela’s abduction, placed Misch within close proximity of the area. Hayward Police chief, Toney Chaplin says the investigation is still on going as they work to discover the location of Michaela’s remains.


Michaela’s mother had this to say in a article, “Over the years, I have often wondered whether I really wanted to know the truth of what happened to Michaela. I wondered if I would be able to take it. As I told our detective, I am glad that the kidnapper has been identified. I am glad that there are answers. I am glad that this man will never be able to hurt anyone else”, “I ask that you please don’t forget her now. She is no longer a case, but she is what she’s always been, and that is a bright and shining light. And in her absence from this earth, it is up to us to find a way to carry her life forward.” would like to take this time and thank you, the reader for supporting us by reading this crime report, if you would like to support us further then please like our Facebook page, or Follow us on Twitter. You could also sign up for’s Email list, that way you can be notified when we upload our latest crime report, and be in the know of any new updates that may occur on

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