Wednesday’s Crime Report: Mother Murdered By Her Teenage Daughter and her Daughter’s Boyfriend.

Published 1-6-2021 Written by: Robbie Raptor

Every Wednesday publishes an article featuring a crime that is currently being reported around the news, todays article focuses on the recent murder of Ottilia Piros, the 36-year-old mother who was murdered by her own daughter, and her daughters boyfriend.

Photo of Ottilia Piros, 36 (provided)

On December 29, 2020 officers from the Greece, New York Police department conducted a welfare check at 43 west parkway in Greece, New York. According to, a local NewYork website owned by Nexstar media group, when officers arrived to the residence, they spoke to an unknown family member before entering the home where a woman by the name of Ottilia Piros, 36 was found dead on the kitchen floor with a gunshot wound to the head.

In the early morning hours of December 29th a patrol officer from the St.Robert Police department in Missouri was doing a routine patrol on interstate 44 when he pulled a vehicle over for speeding. The occupant’s inside the vehicle were ultimetley identified as Hannah Thomas, and Richard Avila both teens gave inconsistent stories as to who they were and who’s vehicle the two were in, which led the officer to contact the Greece New York Police agency to check the welfare of Ottilia.


The vehicle the two teens were in belonged to Ottilia, Inside the vehicle St.Robert police discovered a handgun, ballistic analysis determined that the handgun found was used to kill Ottilia. It is alleged that between December, 28 and December 29, 2020 Ottilia’s 17-year-old daughter, Hannah Thomas and Hannah’s 16-year-old boyfriend, Richard Avila acted together possessing a fire arm intentionally shooting Ottilia twice in the head.

Greece Police Chief Drew Forsythe would give little information as to the motive behind Ottilia’s murder, “We’re not going to speculate a motive for why this was done other than to say it was an egregious act and that’s all I’m going to say about that,” when asked why he chose to describe her death as an execution he simply stated that she[Ottilia] was shot in the head at close range “to me, that’s.. an execution..”.

Still of Chief Forsythe at Press conference

While there is still plenty of questions left to be answered Chief Forsythe would state,“We have to prepare this case for grand jury and there is a lot of work that needs to be done and I don’t wanna prejudice, or provide information that may taint the investigation in any way,” Be sure to check back every week as new details are made public, this has been a crime report and check out our other crime reports below.

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