Wednesday’s Crime Report: Mother Murdered By Her Teenage Daughter and her Daughter’s Boyfriend.

Published 1-6-2021 Written by: Robbie Raptor Every Wednesday publishes an article featuring a crime that is currently being reported around the news, todays article focuses on the recent murder of Ottilia Piros, the 36-year-old mother who was murdered by her own daughter, and her daughters boyfriend. Photo of Ottilia Piros, 36 (provided) On December... Continue Reading →

Cold Case of Gladys Arellano: Solved.

On January 30, 1996 Gladys Arellano was found dead at the bottom of a ravine, an autopsy would determine Arellano had been sexually assaulted, as well as strangled and beaten. During the initial investigation DNA evidence was collected and sent of to a forensic database, however at the time there were no matches listed in... Continue Reading →

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