Man charged with murder for 1984 killing of Jonelle Matthews.

In December of 1984, 12-year-old Jonelle Matthews was taken from her family home in Greeley, Colorado at gunpoint, just days before Christmas. It would be decades before her family would have any knowledge of what became of her, it wouldn't be until July 23, 2019 that Jonelle's remains would be found immediately turning her disappearance... Continue Reading →

Cold Case of Gladys Arellano: Solved.

On January 30, 1996 Gladys Arellano was found dead at the bottom of a ravine, an autopsy would determine Arellano had been sexually assaulted, as well as strangled and beaten. During the initial investigation DNA evidence was collected and sent of to a forensic database, however at the time there were no matches listed in... Continue Reading →

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